Fretless monophonic post krops jazz?


Bass, that's my main instrument. My bass gods are Jaco Pastorius, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Jack Bruce, Jean-Jacques Burnell, Jah Wobble, Peter Hook, Jonas Hellborg, Tim Lefebvre, Janek Gwizdala, Mike Kerr and Jasper Høiby.


Synthesizers. I make noise with these and love fiddling with their sliders and knobs. Also I'm a crap musician, so I try to limit myself to single notes, one at a time.


Punk. Aged 12, the first record I remember buying was "Heroes" by David Bowie (with significant contributions by Brian Eno and Robert Fripp), followed by "No More Heroes" by The Stranglers, the year after I got "Public Image" by PIL and "All Mod Cons" by The Jam, but I first really got into music (in a trying to imitating what I heard way), when I brought "Unknown Pleasures" by Joy Division and "Three Mantras" by Cabaret Voltaire.


or "Body" in English. I love the simplistic aggressive EBM (Electronic Body Music) sounds of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. 


Aged 19 working near the North Pole for the US Space Command I discovered Miles Davis and Weather Report. I'm still exploring the amazing mind blowing endless rabbit hole of jazz.

Whos's Folmer Sthurmovik... your name is Michael Folmer Hansen?
Folmer is my middle name and many Danes, especially close friends call me this, as Michael is the most common Danish male first name. Likewise Hansen is the most common surname.
Back in my teenage years when I started creating music, poetry and visual art, I felt I had to, and was pretentious enough, to choose a Nom de Guerre. As a child I had been very interested in military aircraft, to the degree I enmassed a large collection of books and postcards of them. My favourite one was the Ilyushin Il-2 Sthurmovik. The plane looked cool and agressive. The name also sounded exotic and dangerous, like a Trotskyist before 'he got an icepick that makes his ears burn" ("No More Hereos" by The Stranglers). It means "storm bird", but I only found that out writing this!
I used Folmer Sthurmovik back then and I've started using it again.

"In music, silence is more important than sound."

Miles Davis